A reminder...

Today is Thanksgiving in the US, which reminds me to send out my love and gratitude for the all of the gorgeous fairies in my life, both plastic and real

for big sisters who play dress up

for good friends to spend time with

for glowing autumn leaves

for delicious vegetarian breakfasts at French cafes

for yummy German coffee and cake on Sunday afternoons

for cool retro chairs

for crazy Berlin graffiti that makes me smile

for high speed trains that take me where I want to go

and for my sweeties who brighten up every single day!

I am sending you hugs from Berlin today and I thank you for joining me here through the years. 

Life has been rather bumpy during the past weeks, but I sense many new and good things coming up in the next months. 

I'm already getting excited about what's ahead in 2013, how about you?

Love and light and my very best to each and every one of you around the world!