12 Countries Spotlight in Austria : Manuela Buxer

Manuela Buxer, the co-creator of the young Austrian label good morning - midnight was another talented designer I met up with while in Vienna. Manuela has been busy creating lots of beautiful new designs in the meantime, and showing regularly at design fairs and shows.

The latest collection is called "i color the sky with you" and you can see more behind the scenes about this collection on Manuela's blog. I especially love this dress in tones of gray

and in white. 

Both dresses (and more) are available online in the good morning - midnight Etsy shop and on Dawanda.

Manuela getting everything ready with her model at her latest photo shooting.

The lovely photos were taken by Hanna Tögel.

Another recent collection has the appropriate title "daydreaming through another winter."

One the good morning - midnight website, each piece has a poetic title. For instance, the dress above is phrased: "i seem to have forgotten the warmth of the sun"

"hiding in the park"

"everybody's trying to make us / another century of fakers"

"our aspirations are wrapped up in books"

"with the lights out, we sing"

"i'm romantic by design"


"always waiting for the summer sun"

"kiss before the credits"

"could you tell me what it means to plan"

There are even stylish shirts and pants for guys, such as

"summer ends"

"je pense de temps en temps d'une vie d'aventures"

"here's an alibi. we love the voices don't know why"

Don't designer pieces like this make you want to go out and redo your wardrobe? 

I'm usually a person who wears a lot of black and/or bright colors, but the good morning - midnight collections make me think that I might need to start expanding my personal palette to more grays, whites, and neutrals.

To connect with Manuela and her creative, expanding new label, you can visit her shop, blog, facebook page, and twitter.

Thank you Manuela for taking the time to meet up with me! More about our conversation in Vienna last year, plus a selection of Manuela's favorite blogs here.



Next up: we'll visit Amsterdam and Den Bosch to visit several Dutch artists and crafters!