Are you feeling overwhelmed too? Here's a holiday toast and cookies for you!

At the beginning of December, I had well intentioned plans to blog every single day until Christmas to finally post my 12 Country artist spotlights, to visit cool Berlin handmade markets, taste the German Gluewein and Christmas cookies once again, take lots of wintery fun photos, and share it all here with you! 

But instead, there have been several illnesses, mine and the girlies, pediatrician appointments, school festivals, cancelled parties and meetings, nothing too spectacular or dramatic - but enough to completely throw off my schedule for the hundredth time.

As we've been plugging through the past couple of weeks, I did manage to capture a few images on our daily walks to school, like this lovely old church - which is the first thing I see when I walk out of my apartment each day.

The architecture looks especially beautiful in the snow.

I discovered magical, wintery landscapes in the park

and this ice covered frozen bench - which made me feel as though I live in Siberia!

Despite the pleasant wintery atmosphere this time of year, in the back of my mind, I have a running list of all that I am "supposed" to get done in the next few days. Within the next week, I have loads of email to write and answer, Christmas cards to write and send, gifts to buy and pack, cookies to bake, blog spotlights and interviews to organize and post...

And oh, before the end of the year, I also was planning to completely clean out my apartment, including all drawers and closets, empty the last few moving boxes that are stored in the corners, order and hang new artwork, revamp my wardrobe, update my tax returns, sign up for a coworking space and yoga for 2013, and perfectly organize all of my paperwork that is still lurking in chaotic little piles on my desk and shelves since our move...

Sound realistic? Ha. At least writing it down makes me smile at my own crazy plans.

For a little relief, I am sending you a virtual toast with a cup of punch or Gluehwein and some German Christmas cookies today! Four of my favorite cookie recipes are here if you get inspired to bake some too. 

You could also try out artist Camilla Engman's recipe for Swedish Glögg and see her lovely illustrated description of how Lucia Day (December 13th) is celebrated in Sweden here. Just discovered: Lisa Congdon's illustrated mulled cider recipe, yum!

Or sit back, relax, and take a trip to Nuremberg's famous Christmas Market (the largest in Germany) with me here.

Are you feeling a little bit overwhelmed right now too?

What are your plans for the rest of 2012?

I'm sending you big Berlin hugs today, hang in there!