10 Smile Tuesday : Word Art

illustrated print by Katie Daisy at The Wheat Field

Today I wanted to share with you 10 things I found that made me smile today!

Since it's Tuesday, I think I'll start a new series for 2013 and call it 10 Smile Tuesday - what do you think? Let's start with a selection of beautiful, inspirational prints to begin 2013, enjoy! xo

print by Allie Kelley from Whimsy Collage

screen print by Kyle & Courtney Harmon from IScreenYouScreen

poster by Kensie Smith from Kensie Kate

print from Jen Renninger at please be still

hand lettered print by Lisa Congdon

print by Danna Ray at groundwork

illustrated print by Helen Dardik 

print by Aimee Dolich at Artsyville

screen print by Coni Della Vedova at coniLab

I hope you are smiling now too!

Happy Tuesday!

All my best,