Creative Courage Soul Sisters : Part II


Xanthe Berkeley is a gifted photographer and filmmaker living in London, UK with the love of her life, two amazing boys and two adorable cats.

She is the creator of three fascinating e-courses: Creating Time CapsulesA Journey, and Behind the Scenes with Kim Klassen. Xanthe is also a regular contributor to Shutter Sisters, and the London vs. Paris blog with photographer Irene Nam.
Xanthe writes:

"Everywhere I look there is something to capture. It helps me make sense of the world. I curate my life – gathering memories for my family and now those of others. Cataloging everyday life. It’s an addiction. One that makes me whole. It’s a need. It’s my passion. There is nothing more magic than freezing a moment or a connection… Lovers embracing, new mamas gazing at new life, siblings sharing laughter, exchanging vows, holding hands. Connection – we all need it and I now I search for it."

Last year, on my 12 Countries trip to London, I was lucky enough to meet Xanthe in person - and I can promise you she is just as charming and lovely as she seems in her photos, films, and words!

Another talented guest I'm delighted to introduce is Kelly Rae Roberts, well-known mixed media artist based in Portland and author of Taking Flight: Inspiration + Techniques to Give Your Creative Spirit Wings

Kelly Rae is also the creator of the highly recommended ebook series Flying Lessons, the Hello Soul, Hello Business e-course, and has had huge success as a creative entrepreneur, self-proclaimed possibilitarian, and internationally licensed artist.

Kelly's warmth, openness, and encouraging spirit are very present on her much loved blog, and you will find an enormous array of her glowing artwork and illustrated products in her online shop.

You can also connect with Kelly Rae on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Helen Dardik's sense of humor and her love for life shine through in her art, illustrations, patterns - and on her very popular Orange You Lucky blog!  Helen is a Canadian illustrator and designer, born in Odessa by the Black Sea, and she also lived in Siberia and Israel before moving to Ottawa. Lately, I've been trying to convince her to come visit in Berlin - she is also a fan of the Berlin movie "Run, Lola, Run!"

Helen is represented by the illustrious Lilla Rogers Studio, and runs a beautiful, busy online shop called Orange Studio, full of her whimsical, joyful prints. She's also mom to 3 little girls, and you have to wonder how on earth she has so much energy to keep up with it all, wow!

You can view Helen's lovely illustration portfolio on her website, and visit her on Twitter and Pinterest.

photo of Cynthia by Liz DaSilva

Cynthia Morris is another true traveling soul sister and writer, creativity coach, consultant, mentor, and author of the recently published, Paris based novel Chasing Sylvia Beach

Cynthia loves to travel around Europe as much as I do and describes herself as a "creative nomad."  She leads writing workshops internationally and was a recent speaker at the famous World Domination Summit in Portland.

What does Cynthia have planned for 2013?

"My creative dream for 2013 is to focus on my art. I plan to take what I've been doing in my journals to the next step: work in larger format, showing my journals in videos and develop other art projects. I hope to become a better painter and illustrator and discover a whole new adventure for myself."

Get in touch with Cynthia on her Original Impulse website and read more about her new novel here.

Sarajo Frieden is an artist and illlustrator based in Los Angeles. She works from a studio that borders Thai Town, Little Armenia and Koreatown, with Guatemalan and Salvadoran bakeries nearby. The cacophony of hand-painted signs in a variety of languages serves as both inspiration and daily reminder that the ordinary is often extraordinary and nothing is what it seems. 
Commissions for a variety of national and international clients appear frequently in books, CDs, cards, television commercials, packaging, on textiles, bedding and soft toys. A partial client list includes Boston Globe, Chronicle Books, City of Hope, Doyle Partners, Galison, Gourmet, Graphique de France, Harper Collins, Houghton Mifflin, Klutz Press, Land of Nod, Leo Burnett, LA TImes, New York Times, New Yorker, Old Navy, Priceline, Scholastic, Time Magazine, and the Village Voice.

Hello photo

Francesca Iannaccone is an artist and designer based in London. Francesca is the creator several very successful online art and design shops under the name mrs eliot books, and she also sells and licenses her artwork, designs, and patterns to various retailers around the world. 

Francesca finds inspiration everywhere "from the shape of a piece of discarded paper, to elastic bands lying on the floor - so many ideas come from happy accidents."

She says she likes to think of mrs eliot books as "one of those lovely little shops you walk by in a new neighbourhood, full of colour, great graphics and charming things, that you can’t help popping into."


When I put together these Creative Courage Soul Sister posts, I can hardly believe myself that I am lucky enough to interview all of these incredible women. 

I am awed and inspired by all they do, and I'm simply delighted that they've agreed to share their time and thoughts with us at Creative Courage.

I'm sending out another round of warm, grateful hugs to all of my creative courageous soul sisters - thank you!!

Wouldn't you like to join us on January 28th, as we start another fun, festive, colorful, motivating session to begin our year full of joyful, creative spirit?

I hope you'll come over to Creative Courage today, feel inspired, and join us here.

I'm sending you giant hugs from Berlin today too!