Happy Glitzy New Year!


Happy New Year! 

One thing I truly love about Germany is that everyone celebrates here with jolly loads of fireworks to ring in the new year. There are massive firework displays sponsored by the cities in public spaces, and the private gatherings are even more fun. 

All over town, everyone bundles up for the cold, goes out onto the streets at midnight, and starts lighting up the night sky.

This was my first New Year's Eve in Berlin in a long time, and it did not disappoint!

All of these images were simply taken with my iPhone while standing in my neighborhood park!

Another recent adventure was a trip to one of Berlin's holiday markets at the Roten Rathaus or the "Red Townhall" - located in the Eastern part of Berlin. 

There was a sparkly giant ferris wheel, perfect for a night time view of the city.

Interestingly enough, the ferris wheel was made in Bavaria.

A disco colored outdoor ice skating rink added to the playful atmosphere. 

But my holidays weren't all fun and games... I had promised myself that I would get the final boxes from my summer move unpacked before midnight on December 31st. 

The above photo shows you what my home office looked like on the evening of December 30th!

With some willpower, good music, and concentration, I managed to meet my own deadline, hooray!

To celebrate, there was a bit of pink champagne patiently waiting.

How was your holiday season?

I hope you had an exciting, productive, and/or cozy, restful time - including all you needed and desired :)

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All my best,