Hello Monday from Berlin!

Happy Monday greetings from Berlin! 

(Would you like a personal copy of this postcard to arrive in your mailbox? Keep reading...)

This Monday morning in Berlin there was fresh snow, and this was the garden view from one of my favorite local cafes.

After my coffee (with no heart sign today), I walked through a winter wonderland

noticed pretty blooming window decorations

saw a citrus press featuring Chancellor Merkel

and some spots of color here

and there.

Then I was happy to be back at home, warm and cozy, looking out at the snowy winter through my window, 

with my rather decadent (but organic and whole grain) European breakfast. 

How are you this Monday?


Did you know that each and every participant of this session of Creative Courage (starting next Monday!) will receive an illustrated, hand-written personal postcard from Berlin, sent directly from me to you?

When I tell people that I send out a personal, hand-written postcards to all of my online course participants, many of them tell me that I'm crazy - how on earth can I sit down and write and stamp all of those postcards??

But actually, I love doing it! I Even though email is so very convenient, I find it a shame that our letter writing culture has almost disappeared. 

It's such a nice, special gesture to receive a hand-written note in our mailbox that we can touch and hold and feel, don't you agree?

In the course, we also go on local adventure photo walks, share our experiences, and talk about how travel (even short day trips) can motivate and enliven our creative spirits.

Your Berlin postcard is simply a personal extra bonus from me to you for taking part in our 6 week collective journey together! 

There are still a few spots open, so why not treat yourself to a little European flavored adventure and join us here.

Warm hugs from snowy Berlin,