Love Letters from Abroad

This month I've been thinking A LOT about how I'd like to structure the year ahead, about creating new things, finishing up, dreaming, and brainstorming.

I want more focus, I want a plan, I want a blueprint.

Do you?

In the past, my monthly newsletters have been rather haphazard and spontaneous. I didn't have a real focus for them, I simply shared a few links to whatever happened to be going on that month.

The newsletters I most enjoy are ones full of personality, stories, pictures, sometimes recipes... the ones that feel like real "letters" from a friend, not just a sale update or a discount code.

When you receive my newsletters, I want them to feel like notes of kindness from abroad - a fresh surprise that brightens your day.

This year I thought it would be fun to create thematic newsletters for each month, and I promise I will do my best to make them worth opening, reading, and forwarding.

Here are my ideas for 2013:

January: Delicious

February: Passion

March: Sprout

April: Grow

May: Bloom

June: Picnic

July:  Hot

August: Nap

September: Earth

October: Color

November: Rain

December: Light

If you have any quotes, links, art, ideas, feedback, or other contributions you'd like to share on any of these themes, I'd love to hear from you! I will be happy to give you credit for sharing.

Are you signed up for my monthly newsletter? Be sure to get on my mailing list here.

I'm looking forward to collecting fun things and sharing with you each month all year long!