Life in Berlin

Life in Berlin has been good, but very busy lately.

I still take time for my daily neighborhood walks

noticing bright yellow doorways

mod German bicycle racks

fancy retro dresses

bright patterns

and colorful graffiti

to brighten up the gray rainy days.

I've enjoyed occasional French treats

oranges and daffodils

and even a rare burst of sunlight.

There have been evening walks on pathways lit with candles

peeking into windows

for Berlin is a city that never sleeps.

I've spent cozy, winter Sunday afternoons with 1950s movies, popcorn + my sweeties

and dress up mornings with a giggling angel.

How are you? 

I hope you are having a lovely week!




p.s. - Some of my Creative Courage Soul Sisters are offering wonderful e-courses starting soon!

Check out Diana Fayt's The Clayer: Surfacing, Laurie Wagner's 27 Days of Writing Prompts, and Cynthia Morris' Free Write Fling, and Lisa Solomon's Interwoven.

p.s.s. - I've been doing some online interviews lately, so if you'd like to have a peek, please visit me talking with:

Valerie Tonus, Linda Huffman on WE Magazine (click on Market Place), and Jess Greene on Seek Your Course

Thanks to all these lovely ladies! xo