Hello March from Berlin!

March is here! How did that happen? How time flies by...

After a gray, gray February in Berlin

and the darkest, most sunlight deprived winter in the past 100 years (no kidding!)

we are all overjoyed that March has been bringing lots of blue sky so far!

Those dark wintery days required lots of special treats, like secret supper club dinners

beautiful coffee dates with friends

and happy Asian fusion Bento boxes! 

I found more needed color just walking around the streets

noticing funny handmade masks

bright orange and blue shopping carts

window displays of tupperware rainbows

and billboard sign collages.

Yes, Berlin, I love you. But please don't send me another dark winter like this one again.

Thank you March for bringing on the sun! 

Have you been noticing any early signs of spring lately?



p.s. - I read a lovely interview with a Milan based illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli yesterday on the Great Discontent, maybe you will enjoy it too here.

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