Hello June, with love from Berlin

Well friends, it's been a while hasn't it?

I've been in Berlin, only Berlin, Berlin, Berlin (but that will change in July...)

In the meantime, I've been hanging out with my silly girls

a few silly boys

going to cool blogger conferences thanks to invitations from generous souls like Nicola and Sabrina

- where I met up with my talented designer friend Eleanor

and later had amazing heartfelt conversations with visiting artist friends from 3 continents 
- thanks Sarajo, Belinda, and Rhiannon!

In June, I discovered flowers growing in the summer rain

eye catching photos on signposts

vintage toy machines on the sidewalks

and wonderful old buildings glimmering in the heat of the city.

Some afternoons were spent lounging at outdoor cafes

noticing the flowers growing in the sidewalks

discovering atmospheric Russian places in my friend Stef's neighborhood

and celebrating the evenings at lovely open air parties.

I had lots of fun at the DMY International Design Festival with Heidi

pretending to be a cyclops

peeking at absurd Polish designs

checking out alfalfa sprout necklaces you can grow yourself

as well as minimalist Finnish felt clothing.

Last weekend I toured Berlin with a young jazz queen

a dancing monster princess

visited local artist studios

admired unique hand cut paper artwork

and especially enjoyed the installations of my friend Werner at Milchhof.

How is your summer going?

I'd love to hear about your fun times too!

I'll be blogging much more regularly again in July 
(including a trip to Copenhagen, yoohoo) 
- so stick around, this summer isn't over yet!