Magical, Mysterious Berlin

This week in Berlin I've been marveling at the quirky pink and purple above ground pipes 
that sprouted up everywhere overnight in my neighborhood.

I was also fascinated by a golden house on the sidewalk

a large mysterious tape arrow

an assortment of books offered for free (from Adorno to Zweig)

and the desperate methods some will use to get designer chairs.

I felt nostalgic as I walked by one of the last remaining occupied houses in Berlin Mitte,

the facade a poetic reminder of the wild, early days in East Berlin 
after the Wall came down.

This courtyard nearby hosts an independent cinema, cafes, bars, and artist studios.

I noticed almost hidden, very lovely street art

inspiring shadows

embedded photographs

and declarations of love for my Berlin.

I enjoyed early morning strolls

sunny afternoons in the park

warm evenings out with friends

 homemade chocolate cake and coffee at outdoor cafes

and fresh mint tea with red currants from the garden.

But one of my favorite things this week was sitting outside, watching the sky and trees and clouds, thinking, reading, and writing my new online course for you!

I can't wait to share more about that with you very soon...

I hope you are having magical, mysterious summer days as well :)

Hugs from Berlin!



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