Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen

This month I was lucky enough to join my visiting American family for a week in Copenhagen, and Denmark was just as dreamy as I could have imagined.

Amazing modern architecture was perched directly on the waterfront

with groups of people paddling by

colorful narrow houses stood in neat rows

and fishing boats, house boats, and water sparkled all around.

I woke up to morning light at our charming historic Scandinavian guest house

and spent evenings watching the city fountains glowing in the setting sun.

The beautifully prepared Danish "smorrebrod" open sandwiches were a special treat

as were the French strawberry tarts and brownies

spicy fusion burgers with homemade fries and onion rings

and rainbows of Danish slushies.

There were day trip outings to the botanical gardens

old-fashioned amusement parks with historic wooden roller coasters

which featured giant Calder mobiles by the sea

larger than life Giacomettis

Yoko Ono's interactive Wish Tree

and surreal, incredible sculptures by contemporary American artist Tara Donovan

made out of everyday materials - like this piece made of vintage buttons!
See a great video of more of Tara's fascinating work here.

Any trip to Copenhagen must include a visit to the Danish Design Museum, where I saw many imaginative chairs, like this one created completely out of newspapers

others out of plastic

sleek Bauhaus tea and coffee pots

and cutlery with ultramodern, almost sculptural forms.

Copenhagen was a delightful mix of the old

and the new

from copper rooftops with patinas

to funky street art

a mix of Scandinavian flavors

and the quiet stillness of the Baltic sea.


I hope you enjoyed our little summer excursion as much as I did! 

This was the first time I'd left Berlin in quite a long while, 
so it was very nice for me to have a change of scenery.

Have you had any travel adventures lately?


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