30 Days of Surprises

For the next 30 days - until my Wild Courage ecourse starts up on September 9th - I'll be sharing daily surprises with you here.

I'll post artist spotlights and interviews, the occasional recipe, Berlin walks, personal stories, favorite quotes - and ??? What would you like to see? 

Yesterday, I saw this lovely red urban flower blooming unexpectedly on a street corner, by a yellow ochre house wall.

Then while walking home, I noticed how the stones, leaves, and moss made a lovely composition in the  tattered Berlin sidewalk on my street.

The food at my favorite Vietnamese cafe was arranged so beautifully at lunch

and even the street dumpster caught my eye with bright color and interesting forms.

What details are you noticing lately? 

How can I surprise you? 

What would you like to see me include in my new Wild Courage course?


"Our lives are at once ordinary and mythical. We live and die, age beautifully or full of wrinkles. We wake in the morning, buy yellow cheese, and hope we have enough money to pay for it. At the same instant we have these magnificent hearts that pump through all sorrow and all winters we are alive on the earth. We are important and our lives are important, magnificent really, and their details are worthy to be recorded." - Natalie Goldberg, Writing Down the Bones


Have a lovely Friday and I'm sending hugs from Berlin!