Adventures in Berlin

My adventurous Berlin spirit makes me want this adorable red vintage Vespa

and perhaps this one as well - don't you want one too?

Walking around in my Berlin neighborhood, I noticed this cool, Upcycling Fashion store

these disco shoes

pretty flower arrangements behind big windows

more flowers across the street

and friendly yellow blooms at the florist shop.

At the top of the hill on my street, the church steeple rises dramatically 

and I see how Berliner so easily and naturally offer their belongings for others to use -

from books to accessories, clothing, furniture - it's all there waiting to be rediscovered. 

Each afternoon, I pass by this house covered in ivy 
- notice the "chimney sweep" metal sculpture on the roof -

this detailed "tromp l'oeil" painted house facade

and endless beautiful walls and bins covered in free form, street collage, 
reminding me of poetic, minimalistic paintings.

I wish you a wonderful weekend from Berlin! Hope you are enjoying my daily walks and quiet adventures :) More news soon...