European Artist Spotlight : Laurie Poast

I'm delighted to introduce Laurie Poast to you today - an American artist I met on my travels through the Netherlands on my 12 Countries tour. I had the opportunity to meet up with Laurie in Leiden, Netherlands for an afternoon filled with windmills, artwork, and local treats!

Laurie's unique handmade sculptures are inspired by the architecture in her environment

which at that time included Leiden's famous windmill.

Laurie transforms her visual experiences of Europe

into beautiful, tiny sculptures made with detailed, precise craftsmanship.

Some of her architectural sculptures are quite minimal in design

while others have been inspired by her bike rides through the countryside

- including lovely, romantic European style farmhouses

all carefully made from all natural clays and pigments.

The detail in Laurie's work is incredible!

More recently, Laurie relocated to Bergen, Norway

where new European architectural styles continue to inspire her work.

She has also experimented with fresh pigments and color palettes

and her recent work is created in pure white unglazed porcelain.

I love her combination of modern, minimalist white with Old World architectural charm.

You can purchase Laurie's work as free standing sculptures

This German half-timbered house caught my eye of course!

Thank you Laurie for spending an afternoon with me in Leiden


where I had the chance to sample "Bitterballen" - a Dutch specialty and much tastier than they sound :)

Be sure to visit Laurie's lovely online shop POAST - and read more about her life and background in her Etsy Featured Seller interview, as well as in her features on Huffington Post and Apartment Therapy.

I wish Laurie all the very best in her European art and lifestyle, and I can't wait to see what she'll come up with next!