European Artist Spotlight : Sabrina Sundermann

photo by Nicola Holtkamp

Today's artist spotlight is the talented letterpress designer, Sabrina Sundermann, who lives in Berlin and runs her own shop and studio "Small Caps." (Special thanks to designer Nicola Holtkamp for the wonderful photos of Sabrina!) 

Sabrina has become a real friend and inspiration for me here in Berlin, and she is just as lovely as her work!

Everything is printed by hand in Sabrina's studio, and the results are very beautiful.

When I met Sabrina on my 12 Countries tour, she was working in her very cool Berlin style studio in a former factory complex - a collective space full of other artists, designers, musicians, and other creatives.

Even the graffiti there was inspiring - at least to me :)

Sabrina shares her love of letterpress on her gorgeous Small Caps blog

with news about her work process

and captivating behind the scenes photos.

While I was visiting Sabrina's studio, I made a short mini video of her printing process, enjoy.

You can purchase Sabrina's handmade cards and prints directly from her website

and her Dawanda shop as well.

Sabrina takes on custom work, special invitations, and wholesale orders too -

and her English is absolutely perfect, so feel free to ask her anything :)

She even has work for the travel inspired

like me!

Sabrina helped me remember what a great, creative place Berlin is. For instance, she turned me on to one of my favorite coffee spots - Bonanza Coffee Heroes - if you visit Berlin, you have to try it.

She also reminded me of all the wonderful flea markets and vintage shops in Berlin -

two of her favorite weekend flea markets are at Arkonaplatz and Mauerpark.

Sabrina even created her own illustrated Berlin guide.

Be sure to visit Sabrina on her blog, her website, and connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and instagram.

photo by Nicola Holtkamp

For more peeks inside Sabrina's letterpress shop and her colorful, wonderfully designed apartment in Berlin, don't miss Nicola's recent interview in her Im Augenblick series with Sabrina here.


Thank you Sabrina! I'm so glad we met!