German Back to School Traditions

In Germany, starting first grade is celebrated with a big party and a giant cone full of goodies called a "Schultüte." Lucy was extremely proud of hers this weekend!

We had to get up early for our back to school festival, and we were in a hurry

- my girls were eager to meet their teachers and other kids.

The Schultüten come in an array of colors and styles, from lovingly handmade to extremely commercial - and every child is terribly excited to find out what's inside! 

After a celebratory lunch and ice cream with friends, we went out to a local street festival, where we saw geometric wall art,

lots of people, food, lights, live music, 

and colorful fabric garlands stretching across the street and sky.

Despite the music and people dancing in the streets, none of the neighbors seemed to be bothered. The relaxed and festive atmosphere made me fall in love again with Berlin!

Today we've been getting our backpacks and art boxes all prepared,

everything labeled, sorted, and ready for the new school year!

Tonight we'll read a special book that seems to have been written just for my daughter 
- Lucy and the First Day of School!


Do you have any special back to school traditions?

I'd love to hear from you!