Love, Starry Skies, Ice Cream + Summer Reading

I've been enjoying the hot weather + LOVE / LIEBE in Berlin

warm candlelit summer evenings outside

and old movies in the outdoor cinema with Cary and Katherine under starry skies.

I've celebrated the last cafe mornings before school starts back

sometimes with an adorable partner

and sometimes with my journal and a delicious coffee.

There's been lots of tasty ice cream

and the best pizza in town at our favorite Italian punk restaurant 
with the graffiti style place mats.

But mostly I've just been wandering with my camera 

marveling at the textures of the Berlin walls

which sometimes look like abstract paintings

 beautiful collages

made even more vivid by the rain.

Sometimes the thick layers of posters get so heavy with water, 
they collapse onto the street.

I'm always delighted by the prolific Berlin street art

and everywhere I look

fresh artwork jumps out to greet me.

Walking around, I notice subtle messages

instructions for life

and many who are protesting Berlin's gentrification process.

Kind, gifted friends have sent me great books to read this summer

and I've been thrilled to receive gorgeous mail art
from my Creative Courage course participants.


I'm also very happy to see that many of you have signed up for Wild Courage already!

Have you noticed my updated guest interview list for Wild Courage?

I'm honored and moved by the talented women from a spectrum of creative fields 
who will be sharing their secrets with us in just a couple of weeks!

Come have a peek and I hope you'll join us :)