No Need for Galleries : Take a Berlin Street Art Walk with Me

This week in Berlin, we've been enjoying the last pleasures of summer

which included trips to the playground

hopscotch in the sun

and big German pretzels for breakfast.

As usual, I wandered around my neighborhood with my camera

noticing odd things like these acupuncture dolls

surreal golden heads that were part of a jewelry show

a glass vitrine on the street corner with a vintage book of pigeon illustrations

designer flowers

and an old cigarette machine transformed into sculpture.

And yes, it's official - I have become a street art junkie.

I don't feel much of a need to go to museums or galleries lately, it's more fun to just take a walk. This artist is one of my favorites.

In countless nooks and doorways, there is artwork to be found





lady pirates


and undefinable characters.

The walls and doors are covered with expression

and if you look a bit closer

you can find beautiful free form street collages

on every corner

just waiting to be discovered.


I will be posting more European Artist Spotlights soon - including friends in Berlin, Prague, and Lisbon - so be sure to come back to visit me.

I hope you had a great week, and I'm sending you sunny, late summertime greetings today from Berlin.

Enjoy your weekend, and I wish you lots of inspiration and fun exploration wherever you are!