Wild Courage Soul Sisters: Part I

Today I get to share a special Wild Courage Soul Sisters post with you, hooray!
I know there are many e-courses to choose from these days, but a unique strength of Wild Courage is the variety of inspiring guests I gather fresh for each session.

One of my favorite parts of the course is doing guest interviews with these talented, smart women who are thriving in their creative work. 

I learn so much from the interviews myself, and I can't wait to share their responses with you too!

Wild Courage starts in only 2 weeks, and spaces are filling quickly for this session, so please don't hesitate to find out what we're up to and sign up here.

This session in our Wild Courage guest interviews, we'll meet the following talented women:

Kate Bingaman-Burt is a visual artist, illustrator, author of Obsessive Consumption and What Did I Buy Today?, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Portland State University - and simply amazing. (Don't you love that giant blow up pretzel!?)

Kate is extremely prolific, makes daily drawings, zines, photos, gives workshops and talks, and she has an incredible and entertaining websiteKate will inspire us with her terrific energy and humor in the course.

Erin Loechner is a writer, "pioneer" design blogger, creator of her award-winning Design for Mankind blog and her new Design for Minikind blog, dedicated to creative moms. Erin has been featured in many publications including Glamour, Dwell, and the Huffington Post.

I saw Erin speaking at The Hive European blogger conference in Berlin, and I was immediately taken with her personal wit, charm, and honesty. Thanks so much Erin for sharing your story with us!

Meighan O'Toole is digital and social media strategist and creator of the inspiring My Love for You blog - an amazing resource of artist podcasts, studio visits, and interviews. 

Meighan will share her thoughts on social media and give us advice on how we can all better use our digital media - and deal with overwhelm. Find out more about Meighan's consulting work here.

I love the European style (with a slight Dutch bias) that Irene Hoofs shares on her beautiful BloesemLiving and BloesemKids blogs. Irene has a lovely spirit which shines through in Bloesem, where she features outside-the-mainstream art and design.

Irene studied graphic design, has traveled the world, and after spending a summer back in her native Amsterdam, she is currently based in Singapore with her family. I'll ask Irene to share more about her personal story of a design blogger globally on the move.

Jenny Doh is the author of numerous art and crafting books including Art Saves and Creative Pilgrimage, among many others. She is the former editor-in-chief of the popular Somerset Studio Magazine, and she is now head and founder of her own creative media center

I'm amazed by how Jenny stays incredibly fit, sporty, and active, while juggling numerous creative projects and time for her family. Jenny will be sharing her best health and time management tips with us in the course! 

I'm a longtime fan of celebrated artist and illustrator Maira Kalman, who has authored and illustrated more than 14 children's books, created two illustrated books based on her New York Times columns, The Principles of Uncertainty and And The Pursuit of Happinessis a frequent contributor to The New Yorker magazine, and most recently illustrated Michael Pollan's Food Rules.

Maira also shows her work regularly at the Julie Saul Gallery in NY, and she has had recent solo retrospective exhibitions of her work at the Institute for Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, the Jewish Museum in NY, and the Skirball Cultural Center in LA. It is a true honor to welcome Maira to our course.


I'm always a bit awestruck at this point - and I'm delighted that these gifted women will be taking the time to share a special interview with us in my Wild Courage course.

Thank you to all my lovely guests! 

I hope that you will join us at Wild Courage here!


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