Last Call + September in Berlin

This week I've been watching out for more colorful street art collages in Berlin

that seem to happen magically

when layers upon layers of posters are glued then ripped away

leaving all sorts of fascinating surfaces, until sometimes 

the papers collapse with their own weight

leaving behind beautiful collage textures that would take an artist ages to create!

But despite my gritty urban photography, Berlin does have very idyllic parts too.

There are forests all around, even within the city limits

and the florist shops never fail to cheer me up.

We've been enjoying the last days of sun here - because more of this is on the way.

The happy news - when the cold weather arrives, I'll have a chance to wear my beautiful new, handmade wrist worms!

Hugs from Berlin and I hope you are having a great weekend!




p.s. - Did you get a copy of my September newsletter? Several hints about fun things coming up there...

This afternoon I'm putting the finishing touches on our new Wild Courage website, and I'll be closing course registration soon. The response has been great, and I can't wait to begin.

Starting a new class is so exciting - I always want everyone to feel good and inspired + today I have butterflies! We'll be starting tomorrow morning with a special Monday video :)

Looking forward to it!