12 Creative Berlin Soul Sisters

Today I'd like to introduce my 12 lovely interview guests for Creative Courage Berlin! I'm very happy for you to meet these talented ladies and I can't wait to share their exclusive, in-depth interviews with you. Find out more about Creative Courage Berlin here.

Thea Neubauer is co-founder of sisterMAG, a gorgeous, digital magazine (in English and German) with the aim of creating a community of ambitious, like-minded, individual women who want to inspire and support one another. We'll hear the behind the scenes story of how Thea and her sister Antonia started SisterMAG + Thea will share her personal tips on creative collaboration.

photo credit Sandra Semberg

Ana Finel Honigman is a New York born and Berlin based art and fashion writer, critic, and curator. Ana writes for a slew of publications including Artforum, Art in America, the New York Times, Interview magazine and Berlin's own sugarhigh. When I read that Ana "feels sorry for those unfortunate souls who have to suffer life elsewhere outside Berlin" - I knew she was a girl after my own heart ;) We'll get the insider, artsy scoop on the best Berlin has to offer in Ana's interview.

Mary Sherpe is a well-known photographer and fashion blogger, and her Stil in Berlin blog is visually inspiring, full of great tips, and extremely popular. Mary will share her thoughts on Berlin style and she'll tell us about how she got started with blogging and photography. 

Luisa Weiss is the creator of The Wednesday Chef, a wildly popular food and cooking blog, and the author of My Berlin Kitchen, her best-selling book full of delicious family recipes and Luisa's personal story. Luisa is charming and friendly, and she'll share her tips with us on how she juggles her family life and her professional, creative work.

photo credit Jessica Jungbauer

Sylee Gore is the creator of Berlin Reified, a delightful blog about food, design, and everyday life in Berlin. Sylee, born in Mumbai and raised in the States, also works in the fields of art, linguistics, and literature. Sylee will share her Berlin favorites + her tips on leading a more balanced, creative life.

Jessica Jungbauer is the creator of Best Wishes from Berlin, a story collection of creatives who are inspired by Berlin. I caught Jessica speaking at a recent Creative Mornings session in Berlin and I immediately knew that I wanted to interview her for my course! We'll hear Jessica's ideas about how and why Berlin inspires creative people from all over the world.

Hanna Skoog is a Swedish graphic designer and photographer who does beautiful work in the areas of interior, travel, wedding, and lifestyle photography. We'll find out what brought Hanna to Berlin, what inspires her to be creative, and enjoy her many rich and delicious images. 

photo credit Jessica Jungbauer

Lauren Lee, aka Fräulein Kimchi, has become quite famous in Berlin for her artful fusion "Seoul" style cooking blending elements of Korean, German, and American ethnic flavors. Lauren learned traditional Korean cooking from her aunts, was influenced by California fusion cooking in LA, and now we have the pleasure of enjoying her food in Berlin! We'll find out why cooking is an art form in Lauren's interview.

Nicola Holtkamp is an art director, graphic designer, creator of the design studio H2, and author of the book Liebenswert. In her guest interview, she'll share more about her "Im Augenblick" interview portrait series and Nicola will tell us about how she stays creatively inspired for her many design and book projects.

Kristi Korotash (Canada) and Caroline Grinsted (UK) will share their personal stories about how they landed in Berlin and why they've stayed. They'll also tell us about how they have moved from creating two of the most loved secret supper clubs in Berlin to courageously opening a new gourmet restaurant called Muse Berlin.

Svenja Paulsen is a German food and lifestyle photographer based in Berlin - and her images are so beautiful, they will make you weak in the knees. We'll find out more how Svenja finds inspiration through her photography, and we'll hear about her favorite places in Berlin.

Sabrina Sundermann is a letterpress printer and creator of small caps berlin. Sabrina makes lovely handmade letterpress cards, posters, and journals. She sells her work online, has her own shop, offers letterpress workshops - and she blogs about it all in German and English. Sabrina will tell us how she juggles her many responsibilities while remaining calm, productive,  and creative.

A grateful thank you hug goes out to all of these amazing, talented women for coming together and sharing their time, knowledge, and inspiration in exclusive, behind the scenes interviews with us. 

I hope you'll join us for this special, one time only session of Creative Courage Berlin.

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