3 New Creative Online Courses : Sneak Preview

Hey sweeties!

Today I want to give you a big sneak preview of my 3 New Creative Online Courses coming up - and I'd love to hear your feedback.

30 Days of Collage

In my brand new 30 Days of Collage course, I will show you everything I've learned about making collage!

For this course, you'll get 20 + beautiful, step by step collage tutorials, which will show you an amazing variety of ways to create gorgeous, one of a kind collages.

We'll learn unique surface design techniques, how to make your own patterned papers by hand, and I'll have an array of prompts and ideas for collecting materials and how to incorporate them into your work.

To make this course even better, we will also enjoy 10 inspiring interviews with top collage artists from around the world.


I'm ready to make some new collages too, yoohoo! I love photography and writing, but I'm very happy to get my hands dirty and create this step by step, hands on collage course just for you!


Registration opens this Thursday, October 10th!

My new 30 Days of Collage course will begin on Monday, November 4th.

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p.s. - The pre-registration response for this course has already been amazing and there are limited spaces, so be sure to grab your spot asap to avoid disappointment.

Creative Courageous You

This new, year long, seasonal, holistic course is something I've been wanting to share with you - forever!

Creative Courageous You brings together all of the creative ideas I most love and cherish and is designed bring more seasonal beauty, joy, deliciousness, and creativity into your daily life in 2014.

Each week, we'll enjoy:
  • an exclusive, in-depth guest interview with an inspiring artist, crafter, writer, blogger, photographer, or mixed media creative
  • seasonal, fresh, and healthy recipes that are delicious and easy to make - created exclusively for you in this course
  • fun, DIY projects for your home, to wear, and for seasonal decoration - a wide variety of crafty, new ideas to make our daily lives more beautiful!
  • guided nature + adventure walks using our cameras and/or journals/sketchbooks to notice and capture elements of the changing seasons
  • my personal, exclusive Monday videos to welcome you each week with a new topic and focus

And - you'll have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with creative, like-minded women worldwide over the course of a year.

Together we'll share our joy in the changing seasons on our private website and in our private Facebook group, as well as on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

We'll celebrate the holidays and learn about new traditions in different countries and cultures.

Creative Courageous You is a year long festival of seasons, art, food, beauty, creativity, inspiration, and love!

Sweeties, it is going to be so much fun, I can hardly wait for 2014 to begin!


With Creative Courageous You, I have created a seasonal, holistic course that combines all of the most-loved elements from my e-courses and my blog to let us all connect, celebrate, and share together our traditions and holidays worldwide - all year long!


Registration will open up in early November, yoohoo!

I'll offer you a 50% discount when you sign up for the entire year, as well as the possibility to register for the seasonal courses separately.

Again, spaces are limited, so be sure you are on my newsletter mailing list to get course registration information and special discounts right away.

Creative Courage in Berlin

My popular Creative Courage e-course gives you the tools you need to present and market your creative work more beautifully and effectively + we'll enjoy 12 guest interviews from artists, designers, bloggers, writers all based in Berlin!

No matter where you are with your creative work, this course will help you refine your unique voice, make connections, increase your inspiration and motivation, and give you access to an international group of creative women from all around the world!

As a special bonus, I'll send you a personally hand-written Berlin postcard and Stickygram magnet when you sign up for this one time only course!


With Creative Courage in Berlin, I wanted to create a unique 6 week experience that combines all of the practical, helpful goodness of my Creative Courage e-course with the added flavor of an European art + culture + adventure tour! 

We'll be inspired by the vibrant energy of Berlin and go behind the scenes with several of Berlin's top designers, bloggers, photographers, and artists - most of whom are expats who've chosen to move here. We'll find out why!


Enrollment is open right now and our course will begin soon on October 28th

If you are a former Creative Courage or current Wild Courage participant, be sure to use the welcomeback Discount Code to register for a reduced price.

I'd love to show you why I adore Berlin and help you with your creative business strategies, marketing, and presentation! 

Find out more about this special edition of my Creative Courage e-course in Berlin here.


I hope you enjoyed my 3 New Creative Online Courses sneak preview, and I'd love to hear your feedback!

Please share with your friends or anyone you know who might be interested, and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. 

I'm truly excited by all of the new courses coming up, and I hope you are too! 

Hugs from Berlin,