A Berlin Walk + My Love Letter to the Internet

This week I've been loving the autumn sun

and the shadows

the sunrises

and the sunsets

 breakfast platters at the French cafe

spicy Vietnamese veggies

old-fashioned gum ball machines

Berlin street art collage

and the view through the slide at the playground.

What have you been noticing and loving this week?


On Monday, our next session of Creative Courage will begin, this time with a focus on Berlin.

I love sharing guest interviews + tips and advice on finding your creative path and having the courage to do what you love.

But really, the most important thing about Creative Courage is the wonderful community it creates. The sharing and the connections that take place between women from all over the world in this online course amazes me. 

In fact, it has changed my life.

That is not at all an exaggeration, because gathering such an international group together through these courses has truly made me appreciate the power of the Internet - in a very positive way. 

I know that there are many problems with this medium, and I'm not declaring it perfect.

I remember the first time I used email at the university - on a tiny computer with a black screen and green block letters - and I found it so incredibly ugly. I honestly thought - well, I will never ever get used to using that! Luckily, I didn't need to as things changed rather quickly.

The first time I saw actual pictures on the Internet, we were all standing around in a group at the university library and we watched as a photo of the Mona Lisa from the Louvre Museum was being downloaded. 

It probably took about 5 minutes for the whole picture to appear. Afterwards, we all said - "Wow, now we can tour museums without ever leaving home!" It was the beginning of a whole new era.

These days we take it for granted, as we walk around with our smart phones shooting photos of this and that and instantly (instantly!) delivering them to our friends and family all over the world.

I find it incredible. And although I completely understand the many criticisms of social media, I am still filled with awe at how we can connect with others throughout the world and share our daily joys and sorrows.  Like anything else, there are negative aspects of this - but there are many beautiful aspects too.

This week I had the opportunity to connect with several German bloggers - Svenja Walter, Sandra Monat, Bea Beste, Claudia Hirschberger, and Catherine Hug were all so kind to write about my course - and I appreciate their kindness and creative community spirit so very much. Support and encouragement like this is priceless.

I love sharing photos on my blog, offering my online courses, and having the opportunity to connect with you and with so many people from all over the world. 

Thank you for connecting with me here! 

I hope you'll join our creative community at Creative Courage - and connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram - and any other social media platforms you are using.

I look forward to "meeting" you, seeing your photos, and sharing your daily stories.

Sending you big virtual hugs today from Berlin,