Crazy Buildings + Collage


Hello sweeties!

We're getting started with Creative Courage Berlin today, yoohoo!

Look at that crazy building that is down the street from me. 
Those are really the angles of the building, no trick photography. 

And those clouds... it is extremely windy and Northern Europe is bracing for a couple of stormy days.

But don't worry, we are keeping cozy with cranberry muffins and hot cocoa. 

If you'd like to join us here, there are still a couple of spots left - 

and 30 Days of Collage is filling up quickly.

This is one of my favorite kinds of collage lately. 

These ripped poster street art style collages found everywhere in Berlin are just wonderful.

I'll be posting several "behind the scenes" studio sneak peeks from my own collage tutorials this week, so stay tuned...

Sending you hugs and muffins from Berlin!