European Artist Spotlight : Ines Doleschal

One reason I wanted to do a Creative Courage Berlin course featuring creative women in Germany is because so many of my friends here are artists, and I love having a great excuse to share their work with you!

Ines Doleschal is one of those friends, a true multi-talent who creates gorgeous, architecturally inspired paintings. Ines is also a skilled classical pianist, leads projects and tours in many of Berlin's top museums - and she is a mother of two young children. 

Ines was born near Stuttgart and studied art, art history, and English literature in the cities of Tübingen and Münster, Germany, and also in London. I met Ines while we were both working on our Master's degrees at the University of the Arts in Berlin.

I love the variety of color and form Ines achieves in her work

which range from abstracted building elements

and staircases

to rooms and facades

occasionally with a figurative character appearing.

In her figurative works, you are never sure where the background begins

or ends as the figures merge with their surroundings.

Ines has also creates fanciful architectural studies on paper,

some being more whimsical

while others are more hard edge.

In another series paintings, the rooms and interiors take on an almost sci-fi feeling

full of rich color, brushwork, and drips of the acrylic washes she is using.

Ines has often shown her work in museum and gallery settings 

that perfectly echo the multi-faceted perspectives in her paintings. 

I've seen Ines' work develop and grow through the years, 
and it's always a treat to see what Ines is going to come up with next.

Thank you Ines for sharing your beautiful paintings with us today!

To see more of Ines' lovely work, visit her website portfolio here.


In my upcoming Creative Courage Berlin course, we'll explore more artist studios, peek behind the scenes, and find out how our 12 talented guests manage to stay so creatively productive.

We start next Monday and I hope you'll join us for the Berlin Edition of Creative Courage here.

All my best,