Coming Soon : Live Retreats + Workshops in Berlin

Lately I've been thinking a lot about how I'd love to offer live retreats and workshops in Berlin, starting next year in 2014. 

It's been wonderful getting to know many of you online through my e-courses, and I want to create some opportunities for us to get together in person and meet new people too!

Berlin is actually quite beautiful + I promise it's not all covered in street art and graffiti! 

There are world class art museums here, great food, adorable cafes, galleries, loads of art and culture, even castles nearby, and Berlin is a quite inexpensive city too - much more affordable than London, Paris, or New York!

I'm dreaming of a combination of morning studio work time, and afternoons spent exploring the city and getting inspired. Plus plenty of time to make new friends and creative connections!

What do you say?

I think it would be an amazing creative adventure!

We are making plans for 2014 and wondering when to start. 

What time of year would work best for you - spring, summer, autumn?


I'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions on this, so please leave a comment or send me an email - with your thoughts!

Hugs from Berlin and I hope to meet you here in 2014!


p.s. - If you'd like to get a taste of Berlin and a sneak preview of what this amazing city has to offer, check out my Creative Courage in Berlin e-course - starting soon!