Our Baltic Sea Adventure

This weekend, we went to the Baltic Sea - only a short train ride from Berlin.

The sea was beautiful and just what I needed - sand, saltwater, and fresh air.

There were poetic pathways leading to the beach

wide open spaces

and I was fascinated by the Baltic Sea beach chairs

in different colors

waiting like an army for the tourists to arrive.

My girls loved playing in the sand 

Lucy decorated everything with sea shells

and I made my first beach mandala out of natural materials, 
an inspiration for my Wild Courage e-course.

In the sleepy village where we stayed, there were charming, old-fashioned houses like this one

and giant villas with statues proclaiming "Kaiser Wilhelm was here."

Some of the villas looked like they were transported from the set of Gone with the Wind

while others had a funky mix of socialism + old styles - like Haus Gerda.

On the night of October 3rd, there was a firework display honoring the German reunification of East and West Germany. Since we were staying on the former Eastern side, it made me appreciate that only a couple of decades ago, it wouldn't have been possible for me to visit here!

We also had our own German style celebration with coffee and cake :)

Once, I walked alone on the beach in the evening and I spotted two white swans.

They were so peaceful and serene as they swam in the sea. 

The lights glowed from the pier and shimmered in the water, pure magic.

It was a quite short but sweet trip, our little Baltic Sea adventure - but I'm sure there will be more!

I hope you had a lovely weekend too.

Thank you for your kind, supportive comments during the past week, it means a lot to me.

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