Moss, Rain, Shadows + Sky : November in Berlin

November in Berlin means shorter days, some rain, some sun + long autumn shadows, and now it's time to get out our hats and scarves. 

One beautiful aspect of the November rain is that it makes the colors more intense - for example at this flower shop I passed by on my morning walk -

the rich green of the moss growing between the cobblestones 

the last brilliant flash of nature's red and yellow

the raindrops on the plants in the park

damp, poetic postcards found on stone walls

and my pretty patterned sidewalk sprinkled with fall leaves.

At the same time, there have been days filled with glistening sun

and deep blue skies

creating shadows on the graffiti 

and silhouette drawings of the bare trees.

The clouds float in the morning sun

a soft, warm glow coats the park

and the evening lights and sunsets are more gentle too.

Thanks for joining me today.

What is November like in your part of the world?



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