Artist Advent Calendar : Heather Braun-Dahl from Vancouver, Canada


Heather Braun-Dahl is a delightful ceramic artist and painter from Vancouver, Canada. I love both her beautiful paintings and ceramic designs, and her lovely photos make me want to visit snow country! Enjoy her cozy tour today :) xo


Usually I start getting in the Holiday spirit on the home front in the beginning of December, by putting out some wool blankets, and festive pillows with red accents.  I love personalizing my home with the artwork of friends and with all the instruments we have collected over the years.  To me the holidays are more meaningful with good music, friends, handmade gifts, and family, so I try to create a cozy feeling in my home without cluttering it too full of Christmas decorations!  This year we are celebrating the holidays in our new home, and, while we don't have a mantle with a fireplace to display holiday decorations, we have 10 ft ceilings to warrant a tall Christmas Tree! 


Since it's the holidays, I'm pretty busy in the studio making ceramics for holiday shows like the Shiny Fuzzy Muddy Show.  Vancouver has a pretty vibrant handmade art scene with Craft shows happening every weekend from November through until December.  Because I have a family, I just pick one show to be part of- the Shiny Fuzzy Muddy Show is a small show of 20 well-curated artists and makers from Western Canada that happens on December 14th & 15th at Heritage Hall on Main St.

Herringbone with pine.jpg

This year I have lots of new work to present and I'm really excited about ending a very busy year in the studio with such a great show!

Ice Skating.jpg

We live in Vancouver, on the West Coast of Canada, so we don't actually get a lot of snow in the city at Christmas time.  The good thing is that one doesn't have to travel far for snow.  Our local hills are 20 minutes away and while my boys go snowboarding together, I rent snowshoes and hike into the mountain to enjoy the views of the Valley below.  It's truly breathtaking and also great exercise, which is helpful at this time of year with all the holiday food we are eating!  Between Christmas and New Years we usually travel to the interior of BC where there is lots of snow.  We have friends that we have been visiting for over 10 years now, who live below Silver Star Mountain.  It's a tradition to go ice skating up at the Pond with the kids to play a little hockey.


Last year I noticed an inverted rainbow out of all the snow crystals that were dusting off the trees and reflecting on the sunshine.  What an amazing and inspiring sight! 

Thank you Heather! That photo with the snowy rainbow is truly amazing! I have never seen anything like it, and thank you so much for sharing!

Congratulations on all and I wish you all the best with your holiday show this weekend. If you're in Vancouver, be sure to say hello to Heather ;) xo

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