Artist Advent Calendar : Lori Portka from Upstate New York


Lori Portka is a charming artist living and working in New York state and her cheerful, colorful paintings are created to bring you more happiness through art. Lori will tell us about her favorite things to do this time of year in lovely Upstate New York.


I live in upstate NY where it is cold and snowy in the winter.  I love that it is almost always a white Christmas here.


I love snuggling up by the fire with the tree lit, watching movies and drinking hot chocolate.


 This year, I found my favorite holiday movie from when I was a kid, Emmet Otters Jug Band Christmas  It has been so fun to watch it again and remember what I loved so much about it when I was little!


My personal wishes for 2014 are all about less stress and more joy. 


I am consciously making more time for simple pleasures like for reading, making art, spending time with friends, movies, walks with the dogsā€¦things that bring me joy.

Thank you Lori for always being such a friendly, cheerful, supportive presence in the art community and I love watching your art collection grow and grow! Best wishes for 2014 :) xo

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