Artist Advent Calendar : Melissa Moss from Asheville, North Carolina

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Melissa Moss is an American painter who uses color as her primary artistic element. Melissa is now based in Asheville, North Carolina and she'll tell us today about her family Christmas traditions, enjoy!

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This will be our 5th Christmas in Asheville, NC and we have a few traditions that have really taken hold. The first year that we moved here (from Los Angeles) we heard about Christmas tree farms where you can cut down your own tree. At the time it seemed like such a rustic, country thing to do. Definitely not something you could do in L.A. But now it is a wonderful tradition. We drive about 1/2 hour to the farm and take our time picking out the perfect tree. We have hot cocoa and go on a tractor ride around the farm.


Christmas is a new experience every year for us because of our son, Sam, now 6. The first couple of years he didn't really get the present thing but now he definitely does!  We wake up early and instead of taking precious present-opening time to make breakfast, we pop in Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls in the oven and start opening.

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We usually spend all day in our jammies but this year my son is really into dressing "fancy". He will use any excuse to wear his jacket and tie. So, I wouldn't be surprised to find him in his fancy duds instead of jammies!  I, however, will be in jammies all day. At the end of the day we will make a Shepard's Pie for dinner. The perfect holiday comfort food.

family at Thanksgiving.png

Our day will be spent eating, opening presents, playing video games and calling family. I love Christmas with my boys!

Thank you Melissa! What a lovely family you have and thank you for sharing with us :) xo You can also see Melissa's Artist Advent Calendar contribution from 2009 here.

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