Artist Advent Calendar : Jen Shaffer from Saint Paul, Minnesota


Jen Shaffer is the creator of painted fish studio and she makes beautiful handmade paper cards, books, artwork, photographs, and other delightful things. I had the pleasure of meeting Jen in Berlin last year and I look forward to saying hello again to her in 2014! Enjoy Jen's magical, mystical Christmas photos today.

Christmas is for little ones. It’s that magical time when there are little lights twinkling everywhere, and where I grew up there was usually snow -- the first snow -- not the grey dirty stuff that lingers into the spring.


It’s that amazing time of year when you believed that a big fat man in red will come to your house while you’re sleeping and leave you gifts. And that he’ll bring the carrots you’ve left up the chimney to Rudolph and the rest of the reindeer. And the smells of Christmas! The scent of gingerbread and pine needles was everywhere.


It’s that lovely time when so much was new and possible and you are blissfully unaware of what the universe has in store for you.


What I love about Christmas now is finding those little things from my childhood that briefly send me back to when I believed in Santa Claus and when the magic of happiness wasn’t fleeting -- it was always there.

Thank you Jen for your lovely post and I wish you lots of happiness over the holidays and in 2014! xoxo

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