Artist Advent Calendar : Sarah Ahearn from Northhampton, Massachusetts


Artist Sarah Ahearn will wrap up our Artist Advent Calendar this year with her beautiful Christmas Eve post from New England, enjoy!!

Looking back at my last artist advent for you was really interesting! i had just moved back to new england and was re-discovering how much a love living here. Times have certainly changed since those days! We still live in our favorite part of the country- a lovely little valley in Western Massachusetts, - specifically in a fun little college town called Northampton, but, now we have a 3 and a 1/2 year old little girl and another little girl on the way this winter!


This Christmas season has been especially fun because my daughter, Ada, really is staring to wonder about the magic of the season! There are lots of questions about santa and the elves of course, but we are also talking about how lucky we are to be close to family, about giving (not just getting), and about the special “quiet” of the wintertime as we try to stay cozy and do special things together as a family. 


This year we ventured out to the surrounding hills to get our Christmas tree...It was a perfect day as it had just snowed but was sunny and not too cold. Just when we thought we had found “the” tree to cut down, Ada announced she “knew” where our tree was, and this one wasn’t it! So off she trudged and found the tree we ended up with. 

When we got the tree home, we warmed up with hot chocolate (she just eats the marshmallows), and made our first-ever gingerbread house. A new tradition i think! 


It never fails that one of us will get sick around this time of year, and this year it was mama! I was down and out for a few days stuck in bed, but luckily we had the tree decorated and most of the baking, gift gathering, and planning all set. Apparently a higher power was telling me I needed a rest! 

Today is Christmas Eve and it’s always been even more exciting to me than Christmas Day.  We are staying in, after having many days in a row of “running around”. I’m finishing up some wrapping, but that’s the task I love the most. We’ll be having some family over this evening for appetizers and trying to get an excited kiddo off to bed early. (wish me luck)!


Looking forward into the new year of 2014, I’ll be teaching one more session in January of my online mixed media class-  Painted Pages Workshop- which i’m SO excited about. Registration opened this month and the course will run for 4 weeks in Jan/Feb. It’s a PERFECT class for someone looking to add a little more creativity into their everyday life in the new year! Teaching this class will be my last “big” hurrah before the baby arrives in March. I just love connecting with my students from around the world in the course! You can see all the info about it in the links below.  

This year i’ve made a little calendar which i’m giving to friends and family (and is for sale in my online shop) and I’m also trying to make some time BEFORE the baby comes to start some new paintings... it’s my new year’s resolution to “just paint” for me, (easier said than done)!  I also have an idea for another book, so that’s another goal i’m working towards in 2014. Oh, and balancing my creative work with a new baby and a pre-schooler! 


Thank you SO much, stephanie! I just love connecting with you online, even though we’ve never met, I think of you as a dear, sweet friend AND we even share a birthday :) I hope you are having a WONDERFUL time in Tennessee showing your girls what a Southern Christmas from your childhood was like!

Love and hugs from cozy New England! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

xo *Sarah

Thank you Sarah, my birthday sister, and I wish you a wonderful holiday season as well! Big hugs from Tennessee and Berlin!

Connect with Sarah on her blog, register for her e-course (use "stephanie" to get a $20 discount!) and visit her lovely shop. xo

AND - thank you ALL for joining me here this month for our Artist Advent Calendar! I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have! Click here to see the entire series :) I wish you a very Merry Christmas Eve! More soon, xoxo