Artist Advent Calendar : Heather Moore from Cape Town, South Africa


Heather Moore - aka Skinny laMinx - is one of my all time favorite designers and just putting on one of her beautiful aprons gets me in the mood for holiday baking! 

Today Heather will tell us all about how she spends the Christmas season with family and friends in Cape Town, South Africa.

Christmas time in South Africa is the opposite of the Northern Hemisphere. It's summertime and so it's all about being outdoors, at the beach and having fun in the sun! Cape Town, where I live, has a fairly miserable, rainy Wintertime (although nothing like a Northern winter), and Summer takes a while to arrive, but by December it is full blown, and we spend our holidays walking on the Table Mountain chain, or at one of the many beaches on the Peninsula. 

This year, we'll probably have a braai (a barbeque) at my husband's brother's place, and spend the day swimming with the nieces and nephews in the pool. Can't wait!


Northern traditions of lights and turkeys persist, despite the blazing blue skys in our midsummer Christmas.


Paul and I spent New Year at Arniston. Miles of white sand, sea just warm enough to swim in, and dunes to explore. What a treat.


Actual snow is highly unlikely during the December holidays, but the fynbos flower called Cape Snow is in bloom.


Of course, this season is very important in my shop calendar, and even once all the celebrations are over, the Skinny laMinx shop is busy as can be, as summertime brings lots of tourists to Cape Town, so we're all ready for them!


I have made some sweet lasercut birchply decorations that work just as well in a Christmas tree as they do hanging over a crib at any time of the year. Find them in my online shop.

Thank you Heather for the Christmas season trip to South Africa! One day I would like to spend a sunny Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere, it sounds truly lovely as we have gray skies and rain right now in Berlin :)

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p.s. - Be sure to watch Heather's super cool animated video that tells the story of Skinny laMinx here.

p.s.s. - In 2009, I ran my first blog Artist Advent Calendar. Heather's post from "way back then" is here.