Artist Advent Calendar : Sofia Barao from Paris, France


Sofia Barao is a lovely artist, poet, and creative teacher and mentor who I had the pleasure of meeting last year on my visit to Paris! Sofia is originally from Portugal, and she'll share some of her European Christmas traditions and her delicious cinnamon roll recipe with us today:)

The holiday season is for me a time of gathering with family and eating good food. Sometimes I spend X-mas with family in Portugal and some other time I spend with my husband’s family in France.

paris through Holga.jpg

This year we will stay in France and we will have a very small gathering at our house.

Along the years I have separated myself from most of my childhood traditions or have transformed some of them and embraced new ones. This often happens when people live abroad and it’s such a wonderful thing to just mingle things up and come up with something that really is me.

x-mas tree.jpg

We have kept the sharing of a delicious meal with people we love but we have let go of the pressure to find the right gift; we prefer to offer gifts throughout the year than at a society chosen date! And the same goes with receiving; we have informed all of our family and friends…

The secret life of the Circle - Circle C.jpg

I also kept the tradition of watching all X-mas movies (the good ones and bad ones – yeah that’s my thing ;-) ) that TV offers us around X-mas time. I find it relaxing and a great moment to stay cozy in the sofa and enjoy a cup of tea and cake ;-)

mini cinnamon rolls.jpg

And speaking of cake, I have this very quick recipe for you that you might already know but that is such a good and fast thing to bake and that brings instant X-mas scents:

Mini Cinnamon quick rolls
- 1 organic puff pastry (bought already made)
- 1 cinnamon
- brown sugar
- salt

Cut the puff pastry into 1 inch large stripes (but they have to be long) and sprinkle with some cinnamon and brown sugar, roll them over and sprinkle just a little bit of salt over the rolls and put them in the oven at 200° Celsius for 15-20 minutes until they start to color brown.

Wish you all a beautiful holiday season!

Thank you for sharing with us Sofia! Your cinnamon rolls look wonderful, and it's perfect for the holiday season that they are so quick and easy to make :)

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