5 on Friday Artist Interview : Lucile Prache


Let me go ahead and say that French artist Lucile Prache is one of my favorite illustrators! 

Lucile creates many kinds of illustrations which you'll find in her online portfolio here. My personal favorites are her illustrated recipes (art + food, always a good combination for me!) You can also peek behind the scenes in Lucile's studio on her wonderful Kitchen blog here - you'll see her cooking and painting what she sees.

Lucile is also a lovely, kind person too. A while back when I was visiting Paris, I had the chance to meet Lucile for a coffee and I'm so happy to finally feature her gorgeous artwork and a little bit about her on my new 5 on Friday Interview series, enjoy :)


Welcome Lucile! Please tell us about yourself, what you do, and name 5 of your favorite things. 

I am an illustrator, based in Paris. I have always lived here, this city inspires me a lot. No surprise, I enjoy painting and most of all create any kind of image. Old fashioned watercolor process and numeric artwork, depending of my clients.

So I would say :

1/ Painting

2/ Dancing

3/ Walking in Paris, meet friends, have a cup of tea.

4/ Gardening but my garden is so far…

5/ Dreaming of New York City


2. Where do you live + what do you like about it?

In Paris, over the years I have especially been loving the Parisian architecture and the cultural events.


3. How do you manage to keep a good life/work balance and stay healthy and fit?

I take a ballet class twice a week, and since last September I have decided to go to the organic market. 


4. What is the most exciting adventure you ever had?

I believe that flying to the US has been one of the most fantastic adventures I have ever had.


5. What are your creative projects and dreams for 2014, and what is your advice to those who would like to pursue a more creative, artistic path too?

I am currently working on a new cookbook for a French publisher : 'Shabbat in 30 minutes'; this is an exciting project.


Over the years on Etsy, I've had many custom orders: People from all over the world kept asking me to illustrate their favorite family recipes. I truly love to do this, and I wish one day, all these recipes will be collected in one single book.


I would love that too Lucile! And I can promise you that I will be the first person to buy your illustrated book of recipes, I can't wait :) A Macaron A Day sounds good too...


For Valentine's Day, Lucile has made this adorable illustrated cupcake recipe


and I still remember the amazing Religieuse pastries in France (they make them in chocolate too)


or maybe you prefer a French Le cake d'Amour - ooh la la! 

Thank you Lucile for sharing your artwork and thoughts with us today, and I'm looking forward to having some of your happy prints hanging my kitchen very soon :)



Visit Lucile on her websiteblogEtsy shopFacebook, and Pinterest

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