Why I'm Glad 2013 Is Over + How I'm Celebrating the New


2013 was a very bumpy year for me and my family. My husband was living and working in Munich for the past 18 months, seeing our children only once a week, and it was an incredible challenge for us all.

My father, who I hadn't seen in 27 years, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in September, and this also took a lot of energy for me to deal with the fact that I would never know him better.

Of course lots of wonderful things happened in 2013 too. I met many interesting people, made new friends, loved exploring Berlin, and even made a trip to the sea and a quick visit to Tennessee over Christmas.


I'm very grateful to all of the amazing, talented people I've met online and in person through my e-courses and our creative online community. I love the connections that are made and the crossover that is happening between our virtual and real worlds.

A lovely example of this are the postcard and mail art projects taking place in my courses.


Just look at the handmade beauty that arrived in my mailbox to greet me upon my return to Germany. And this is only a small sampling of the generosity and talent of my lovely participants! 

I'm happily stunned and delighted by your kindness, and I thank you for all of the gorgeous mail art.

Experiences like this remind me that I have an incredible job - connecting creative women around the world, making art together and inspiring one another - and I am truly grateful to be a part of it.


Thank you to all of my course participants and to the many artists, writers, and creatives who've inspired us with guest interviews, blog features, and other collaborations.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blogs, newsletters, social media updates, and also for your many emails and messages. I appreciate your encouragement and kind words even when I sometimes have trouble keeping up with my responses.

Thank you also for the behind the scenes support I get from loved ones, who give me the energy to keep going and offering these courses - thus continuing our beautiful cycle of creativity.


I'm thankful that I could see my 95 year old grandmother again in Tennessee over the holidays. She is a lovely lady, and her many kind and patient hours in the kitchen with me influenced and inspired my love of cooking and all things homemade.


I was also grateful for the chance to choose 2 special Tennessee handmade quilts for my girls - made long ago by my grandmother's sister, my Great Aunt Pearl. And so the creative spirit of my family continues through the generations.


If I should choose a word for 2014, it would be "new." I will be celebrating the new in this year - with new courses, new in person workshops, and new creative adventures.

What new projects are you developing and celebrating this year? I'd love to hear.

I'd also be very happy to meet you in 2014 - in a creative online course or in a Berlin workshop

Today and next week I'll be sharing lots of details for upcoming opportunities to connect in my newsletter. You can get all of the info here.

I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful 2014 full of beautiful, exciting, fascinating projects and I hope to see you soon!

Keep in touch and all my best,