Introducing Creative Courage Coaching


Hi there + I have a little announcement to share with you today :)

For the past 3 years, women from all over the world have taken part in my online classes + workshops, and it has been wonderful getting to know everyone, hearing about your creative dreams, and watching you make your dreams a reality.

I've also had the chance to interview over 100+ creative women, including top artists, crafters, designers, bloggers, coaches, writers, and photographers - and I've learned so much myself in the process.

Through my combination of offering online classes + workshops, licensing my artwork + photography, and selling my original artwork, I've developed a way of supporting myself and my family with my creative work.

If a girl who grew up surrounded by cotton fields in rural Tennessee can figure out how to run an online art + creative business in big city Berlin - so can you!


Each day I receive email from women who want and need advice on on growing in their own creative areas - with questions about websites, social media, showing, selling, and pricing artwork, teaching workshops + online courses, putting together a portfolio and much more.

Now I'd like to open up my new one-on-one Creative Courage Coaching program to give you more individual support, encouragement, and guidance on all your creative projects.


With my Creative Courage Coaching program, I can offer you professional, one-on-one consulting on:

  • developing, marketing, and delivering your own online courses + live workshops
  • planning and optimizing your blog and/or website portfolio
  • deciding on which blog/website platform to use + if you should design yourself or hire a designer
  • opening an online shop to sell your creative work (including the advantages/disadvantages of various platforms, for example Etsy, Big Cartel, Society 6, and more)
  • finding a personal social media strategy that works for you
  • working with licensing agencies to sell your work
  • networking and developing your creative tribe of friends and supporters
  • focusing your ideas and becoming more productive
  • time management + juggling family/personal life and career
  • gaining self-confidence and getting more respect for your art
  • + any individual questions or concerns you may have about your creative work

If you'd like to to find out more about my new coaching program, you'll find all the details here.

I'd love to help you design, develop, and make your creative dreams a reality.

Sunny greetings from Berlin,