Why I Believe That You're an Artist Too


The word "artist" is a funny one.

You might think of an "artist" as an eccentric, manic creature working through the night on wild, crazy projects, surviving on nicotine and coffee. Or as a meditating, yoga practicing, green juice drinking, esoteric hippie who gets up at the crack of dawn to paint abstract dream imagery.

The truth is - we're all artists. We're all born with the instinct to create, and I see proof of this every day through the creative work of my daughters.

My girls are not concerned with painting a masterpiece, getting their work accepted by galleries or museums, seeing their words and images in print, or selling their art for millions.

What my daughters do on a daily basis is startlingly simple and difficult at the same time.

They immerse themselves completely in the joy of creating.


My home is full of art. My girls alternate between painting, drawing, writing fanciful stories, making collages, and creating intricate jewelry from tiny, colorful rubber bands.

In fact, my daughters are so creative that it's often difficult to manage the piles of drawings, handmade books, paintings, and jewelry that is produced. Some days, I think our living room looks a little bit like Francis Bacon's former studio ;) 

Now you are probably better at managing your creative chaos than we are, but I have to say the mess is worth the creative energy that fills our apartment. 

Don't be afraid of disorder; it's an important part of the process.

Get messy, get your hands dirty - it can all be cleaned up and organized again. The important first step is to jump in and make!

Although you are no longer a child, you are still an artist.

Making art is something essentially human that we shouldn't lose as we get older, it's too important.

If your desire is to paint, draw, sculpt, dance, sing, play an instrument, make clay pots, knit, sew, photograph, write, or whatever creative activity sparks your interest, then do it.

Start now and don't worry about what anyone else thinks or says or does.

There ARE creative communities out there who will appreciate your work. Through the Internet, a global network of like-minded creatives is coming together like never before - both online and in person.

You only need to trust yourself to rediscover the joy that you experienced as a child while creating.

An "artist" for me is simply someone who is actively making. Someone who is living out their creative dreams despite fears of looking silly or not making masterpieces or earning millions. 

You were born an artist, and the desire to create is still inside you.

Give yourself the permission to make something fun today. Get messy with paints + colors + glitter + paper + clay or whatever you have at home... For instance, a stack of newspapers, scissors, and a bit of glue are enough to make a collage.

It's never too late to start again.

You're an artist too. Embrace it + begin!

Sunny hugs from Berlin today,



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