A Visit to a Medieval Easter Festival in Berlin


After our big Easter breakfast yesterday, it was time to get out and explore. We decided to visit a Medieval Easter celebration in an old fortress in the Spandau area of Berlin.

Here you see my wild girlies riding a handmade wooden carousel that was literally pushed around by two men (very quickly I might add) - so there was no electric power necessary.


There were several elaborate performances of "knights" on horseback, and the especially horses were quite beautiful.


The historic costumes for the knights and horses looked a bit like something from an old film set.


The air was filled with lots of live folk and Middle Ages style music, and there was plenty of good food to munch on as well - crepes, hearty European style pastries, and of course German sausages.

For the finale of the festival, flame jugglers performed acrobatic stunts to Celtic music

and at the very end one of them even "breathed fire." These are not the usual type of festivals we visit, but it was definitely an exciting day trip for our girls!


I'm glad that our girls inspired us to go out and seek a bit of adventure for our Easter weekend. As you can see, they enjoyed it too!

What did you do over the holidays? I hope you had the chance to experience something fun too!