10 Collage Artists You Should Meet


I'd like to introduce you to 10 awesome collage artists from around the world, who will all be contributing guest interviews to this session of 30 Days of Collage - starting today!

These 10 incredible artists will be sharing their insider tips on inspiration, creativity, and their favorite collage materials and techniques - you don't want to miss out on this :)

Lorena Siminovich, the creator and founder of Petit Collage, will tell us more about her brand new arts + craft book and how she has grown her art career as the illustrator of 25 children's books and designed her own line of modern decor and playthings for the young and young at heart. 


Sarah Ahearn is a mixed media collage artist, author of the beautiful Painted Pages book, leader of online painting workshops, owner of a popular Etsy shop, and instructor at Squam Art Workshops. Sarah and I also share the same birthday, so she is a special kindred artist spirit!


Michelle Caplan is an amazing collage artist who blends vintage imagery and portraits with her unmistakable contemporary style. Michelle has a successful Etsy shop, sells her artwork and cards internationally, does commissioned work, and has a line of vintage paper supplies called Collage Lab.


Randel Plowman is a mixed media artist and the author of two of my favorite collage books - Masters : Collage and The Collage Workbook. His work has been featured in The New York Times and USA Today and he is the creator of the popular A Collage A Day blog. Randel also teaches live and online collage workshops and I'm delighted that he can join us for this course.


Melinda Tidwell is another inspiring collage artist who began her career in computer graphics and now expresses her love of abstraction and visual language in fine arts. Melinda grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Utah and now lives in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband, two cats, and two dogs. Her unique collage work is shown in galleries nationwide.


Sabine Remy is a German collage artist and creator of the collage blog miriskum. I love what Sabine writes about the medium of collage: "Creativity runs like a golden thread through my life and enters in all areas of life – but my heart is set on collage. Collages are the perfect medium for me. I love how accidentally and unpredictable they are... In the end it is always a journey and I never know where it takes me. My motto: I cut, therefore I am!" Perfectly said Sabine and thanks for joining us!


Alexis Anne Mackenzie is a San Francisco based artist who shows her collage work internationally and has been featured in The New York Times, Die Zeit, Juxtapoz, The Los Angeles Times, and The Chicago Art Review. She currently is showing her artwork at Eleanor Harwood Gallery in San Francisco and she has an upcoming solo exhibition at Ampersand in Portland, Oregon.


Donna Watson is a mixed media collage artist whose artwork and writings have been featured in many major art and artist magazines and books. She has also worked as a workshop leader and juror in the US and Canada. Donna describes the creation process of her poetic work very eloquently here: "My process expresses this transience of life by incorporating layers of paint.  I mix cold wax with oil paints and layer, lift, scratch and rub, leaving a residue of marks much like the lost and found aspects of memory.  I then add collage, bundles of papers and scrolls to help tell the story."


Macrina Busato is an internationally known illustrator based in Madrid, represented by the illustrious Lilla Rogers Studio. She also runs her own design studio Tavita Design and creates fresh designs for a wide variety of products.


Robert Mars is one of my very favorite collage artists, who I first discovered in the Masters : Collage book by Randel Plowman. His artwork is widely shown internationally in solo and group exhibitions and his work is found in private corporate collections ranging from the International Museum of Collage to Microsoft and Nike.

I'm so delighted that all of these wonderful artists will be joining us for 30 Days of Collage, and I can't wait to share more of their work and words with you.

We're just getting started today - so there is plenty of time to sign up and get fresh inspiration in this hands on online course which alternates collage tutorials with these amazing artist interviews!

Come on over and grab your spot for 30 Days of Collage today!