Join Me for a Photo Art Walk in Berlin

One of my favorite parts of my Creative Courageous Year e-course so far is our weekly themed Outdoor Photo Walks. It is very exciting to see the photographs of different places each week that our participants are sharing from all over the world!

Recently, we've taken early morning walks

with beautiful reflections of soft light

and cafes still waiting to open.

We've also gone on "yellow" themed walks

"green" walks

and "texture" walks in Berlin.

The ripped poster textures everywhere continue remind me of collages


and abstract paintings.


In Berlin, there are interesting textures to discover everywhere -

from the shiny, glossy storefronts


to the well worn recycling bins

to the old colorful doors.


What are you noticing lately?

Do you ever go on photo walks of your own? It can be a lot of fun!

If you'd like to go on a photo walk in Berlin this summer, you are invited to join me and a group of international friends here.

Have a lovely weekend and hugs from Berlin,