Meet 10 Inspiring, Creative Artists This Spring


Today I'm excited to tell you more about the 10 inspiring, creative ladies who'll be joining us for our next online course Creative Spring.

Interviewing women around the world is one of my favorite parts of offering e-courses, and I'm very appreciative of all the ladies who are so generous with their time and thoughts to contribute a guest interview. Thank you to these lovely women!

Rachel Hazell will be joining us from Edinburgh, Scotland. Rachel is a paper + book artist and she leads workshops around the world in amazing locations - including palazzos in Venice to lighthouses in Shetland to exploring Paris! She also makes gorgeous, unique paper sculptures, which you can see in her commissions gallery here.

Rachel is also creator of the unique PaperLove e-course (also starting this March), and you can see a video of Rachel - and hear her beautiful, charming Scottish accent - here


Ann Wood is a mixed media artist, creator of enchanting art objects using vintage and found materials, and her fascinating, magical studio is based in Brooklyn. I've been a big fan of Ann's work for a long time, and I really look forward to hearing more about her art process.

Ann shares tutorials on her website, as well as patterns to downloadhandmade cake toppers for celebrations, and unique artwork too. We'll also find out more about Ann's new year long sketchbook project. Can't wait!


Whitney Smith is clay artist making functional, beautiful pottery with incredible surfaces in her California studio. Whitney has been working as a full-time ceramic artist since 2001 and you can see more about her work process in this lovely video.

About springtime Whitney says, "What I love most about springtime is the blooming trees. They really break my heart because their time here is so fleeting. I also enjoy the slow lengthening of the day, a little bit more every day."

Recently, Whitney has also been sharing photographs of Monarch butterflies hatching in her home on Instagram - these are must see photos, amazing!


Amanda Blake is a painter of atmospheric portraits, who studied art in Oregon, watercolor in Siena, Italy, and oil painting and print making in New York. Amanda's lovely work has a strong narrative element, and her titles hint at unusual stories behind the figures that populate her paintings and prints.

Amanda is inspired by folklore, superstitions, wildflowers, cloudy landscapes, the colors in faded polaroids, and other people's family snapshots + I can't wait to share more of Amanda's beautiful work with you.


Rachel Ann Austin is mixed media painter, lover of beautiful maps, and a charming artist based in Portland. Rachel's unique signature style includes layers of maps, poppies, birds, circles, plant shadows, and silhouettes. Rachel has a very successful Etsy shop, and she shows and sells her work around the country as she works full time on her painting career.

What Rachel loves about spring: "I love spring with the change in light and new plant growth. Spring always makes me a little garden crazy with dreams of lush plants and outside dinner parties." - I look forward to hearing more about Rachel's artwork and springtime favorites too.


Emma Lamb is crochet designer, 'living in colour' blogger, colour enthusiast, crafter and stylist from Edinburgh, Scotland - and she's writing a new book on crochet that will be published this September!

These days you can keep up with Emma on Instagram as she is busy with photo shootings for her new book and capturing springtime beauty around her. 

Here's what Emma has to say about spring: "Spring is my absolute favourite time of year, to see the world come back to life after the long and dreary British winters is just so uplifting! The early spring flowers poking their heads up out of the ground, the tiniest of buds appearing on the trees and hearing the birds singing again. Just perfect!" 

Emma's bubbly enthusiasm is contagious and I'm very happy that she'll be joining us again this spring!


Bonnie Forkner is the creator of Going Home to Roost, a talented pattern and surface designer, celebrator of all things homemade, and she shares many yummy vegan recipes too. You'll find more of her lovely patterns, e-books and more in her Sweet Bonnie Christine online shop.

Bonnie's Instagram is a treat and about spring she says: "My all time favorite spring activity is planning and planting a garden...nothing makes me happier than going out to the yard and returning with veggies and fresh flowers!" Oh, this sounds great to me too :)


Dana Komjaty - aka Leililaloo - is creator of the Magical Wild Crafting blog, artist + herbal enthusiast from Amsterdam. Dana is a true multi-talent and makes paintings, jewelry, herbal medicines and elixirs, mandalas from natural materials, and she dyes her own fabrics. 

Here's what Dana tells us about the coming of spring: "Well my heart jumps up as soon as the air starts smelling of spring, it is that distinct smell that makes my heart well up with joy! And then when I'm witnessing plants who gently, tenderly start to pop up from the dark frosted ground my heart is filled with such joyous hope." What a poetic description of spring Dana, thank you! 


Lala Ema Ranaivo-Arivelo is a multi-talented creative lady from France, now living in Spain, who designs cards, bags, aprons - and travels around the world with her artistic Pop Up French Patisserie. Get a sneak peek of some of her fantastic recipes here.

Lala shares gorgeous photos of the Andalusia region of Spain on her lovely My Castle in Spain blog, and I'm very happy to present her beautiful photos and inspiring words in her interview, yay! 


Ashley English is the gifted author of the wonderful Small Measures blog + many creative books featuring delicious recipes, including Handmade GatheringsQuenchA Year of Pies, and the Homemade Living Series. Ashley lives in the mountains of North Carolina on 11 acres in a forested cove with her artist husband and young son.

What does Ashley love about spring? "I always get excited when I begin hearing the peepers. Those tiny frogs, croaking up a chorus of gratitude for the coming warmth and sun make me incredibly happy. I'm also thrilled when I begin seeing buds on tree branches."

I'm delighted to share more about Ashley in her Creative Spring interview.


I hope you've enjoyed this sneak preview of the 10 creative ladies who'll be joining us with an interview for this session of Creative Spring.

I always gain so many new insights, fresh ideas, and resources from our guests, and I'm certain this collection of interviews will boost your creativity and lift your thoughts this spring.

Early Bird Registration ends today, and we'll get started next Monday, March 16th.

I can't wait to begin this Creative Spring season with you, as we capture the beauty + joy of springtime together. I look forward to seeing you in class!

Sunny greetings from Berlin,