Why I Teach

I'm often asked: why do you teach? That's a big topic, and an important question.

My goal is to create classes that light up your creativity + add more beauty, joy, color, and richness to your daily life.

Now that might sound simple, but actually it's a challenge to stop and enjoy your life as it so quickly passes by in a steady stream of work + family + household chores + shopping + everyday tasks.

As I plan my courses, I think about what could delight and inspire you, what would add a bit more happiness to your day + make you smile, and which creative ideas might give you something to look forward to tomorrow and all year long.


To my own amazement, since I've been teaching online I've received countless letters, beautiful handmade postcards, artwork, and emails from women around the world thanking me for my creative classes.

Many of these women tell me that they are now making collages, quilts, jewelry, paintings, ceramics, experimenting with new recipes, taking more photographs, writing and illustrating journals + even sharing and selling their artwork in group and solo exhibitions.

This is what it's all about for me. 

This is why I love to teach. 

If I can give one person the keys to open the doors to her/his own creativity, then I've done my job.

I come from a long line of teachers, and when you participate in my courses, you are supporting my family too. And so we go full circle in our encouragement and support of one another. Thank you.

You most definitely have a creative spark inside, we all do.

My classes can help you nurture this creative spark, allow it to grow, to light yourself up and flourish.

If you'd like to experiment with mixed media art or photography, then I hope you'll join me for a creative e-course or in one of my annual Berlin Art Workshops. There is so much to learn and appreciate in our precious lives.

Taking one of my online classes can honestly change the way you see + feel + taste + experience your life.

You are most welcome join us!

Greetings from Berlin,


p.s. - You'll find my Online Course Schedule for 2015 here.