100 Days of Collage + What's Next?

Hi there! 

I just finished my 100 Days of Collage project, yay! Today I'm posting a few of my favorites, plus some of the collage experiments I worked on while making the actual collages.

This was the first time I ever tried to work in this way, concentrating on one medium for 100 days, but there is something very good about the method. There were many days when I felt unmotivated to make a collage, but I forced myself to sit down at my work table, start playing around around with whatever colors, patterns, photos, quotes, or textures caught my eye - and soon enough, a new collage was born.

I didn't set out with the idea to include a quote every day, but somehow this evolved in my process and now the entire series has some sort of quote or phrase integrated into the collage.

********************************************** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   *   *   *   *   *   *

So now the question is: what's next? Another 100 days project?

Have you ever done a 100 days project before? By the way - a big thanks to my friend Svenja Walters who gave me the idea of doing something for 100 days in the first place :)

Lately I've been thinking that I might like to do another 100 days project that includes walking outside in Berlin and taking photos. 

For example, I love taking photos of Berlin's street art + "found collages" which are simply my photographic details of the beautiful ripped, colored layers of posters hanging all over the city.

In any case, I'll be sharing my next 100 days on Instagram, and it would be great to connect with you there.

Happy Friday + I wish you a great weekend!