Creative Spring Starts Today + German Easter Treats


Creative Spring begins today, and we're going to learn and share so many interesting things + springtime traditions together during the next weeks! 

For example, I'll show you how to make this yummy German Easter braid (without yeast + a snap to bake)


as well as beautiful handmade decorated collage eggs


which is a really fun project for kids too!


We'll create spring decorations that you can keep forever + even hang on blooming branches if you wish


for a traditional German Easter tree, truly memorable and unique!

We'll also experiment with dying eggs using natural dyes, creating patterns and more.


Even if you don't celebrate Easter, we'll share many easy, fun springtime creative projects + recipes


including art journals with memories of our springtime favorites


+ seasonal idea books that can be shared with our loved ones for generations to come.


A wonderful, collaborative aspect of Creative Spring is our weekly themed photo walks,
where we share our images from around the world in our creative, international community.

All you need is a smartphone or a small camera to make stunning photos.


These weekly photo walks make me appreciate the beauty of my surroundings so much more, and I always discover little messages from nature that I otherwise would have missed.

If this sounds like a lovely, creative experience for you (it is!), you still have time to join us today + celebrate the gorgeousness of the seasons - wherever you live and whatever you like to do.

You'll also receive a PDF with our Creative Spring projects and recipes at the end of the class to keep forever.

We're starting today + I look forward to beginning this Creative Spring with you!

Greetings from Berlin,