Creative, Colorful Berlin

photo credits:   Zoe Noble   &  Ryan Hursh   für  sisterMAG  &  MWO  

photo credits: Zoe Noble  & Ryan Hursh  für sisterMAG & MWO 

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to the sisterMAG blogger event here in Berlin, and the topic was staying healthy in the summer time. Creative sisters Thea and Toni did an amazing job with their team and partners of creating a beautiful and informative day!

There were lovely flowers, inventive decorations, yummy food, and healthy, organic juices by LA Cold Press.

We made cosmetic scrubs using natural ingredients like coconut oil, rose essence, and lemon juice.

There were also many presentations throughout the day on skin and body care, vitamins and minerals, stress reduction, yoga, and we also heard the story of how Thea and Toni founded their wonderful online magazine sisterMAG which you can download for free in English + German.

Sisters Toni and Thea offer a great example how they became creative, successful entrepreneurs - a very inspiring message!

Recently, I've been busy working on several of my own creative projects in Berlin, including a Japanese art commission and finishing this session of 30 Days of Collage (now available with instant access).

I've also been taking some time on the weekends to enjoy the sun in the park

and discover quirky, old-fashioned German gum ball and toy machines

as well as fancifully decorated bicycles

idyllic small farms

and elaborate castle mirrors - all in Berlin! 

Berlin has so much to offer everyone, you can understand why I love this city!

Jenni Sparks is another creative artist who is fascinated by Berlin, and she sent me a copy of her exciting hand drawn map of the city, which includes many cafes, restaurants, historical, and cultural sites. She also has made hand drawn maps of Paris, London, New York, and San Francisco - but of course my heart is always in Berlin.

Here are a couple of close-up shots of Jenni's Berlin map.

It's delightful to see how Jenni has included very detailed and interesting information about the many diverse neighborhoods in Berlin.

More of Jenni's city maps are available here, and you can read about Jenni's art process in her interview here.

Speaking of creativity in Berlin, our upcoming Berlin Art Workshop will begin soon!

I'm very much looking forward to creating again with an international group of mixed media art makers here in Berlin. It's the only live art workshop I'm offering this year, and you can find out all the details about our Berlin Art Workshop here.

I hope you are having a fantastic day + I'd love to meet you in creative, colorful Berlin!

Sunny greetings,