Creative Courage - in BERLIN!

Let me start today by telling you a love story...

When I was 21 years old, I took my first trip to Europe. My first stop was Berlin. 

Back then in 1992, the Berlin Wall hadn't been down for very long and the city was completely full of chaos.

I loved it immediately.

The subway system was a mess, the schedule was being changed daily, there were cranes and construction sites all over the place.

I felt like I had come home.

Now this may sound really strange coming from a girl who grew up in rural Tennessee, but I had something like a chemical reaction with Berlin - and I still feel that same euphoria for Berlin to this day.

For that reason, I'm bringing the best of two worlds together for you!

In this special Berlin Edition, I'll show you insider peeks of the vibrant city I love and introduce you to talented women from around the world who will share their stories on how they established their creative careers.

I'll give you the practical tools you need for presenting and selling your work online - AND you'll be inspired by the artwork, beautiful photography, information, and tips from our international guests.

Berlin + Creative Courage - it's a unique combination that you won't find anywhere else!

In my exclusive new Berlin Edition, you will enjoy all of the useful content from my popular Creative Courage online course, which includes:  
  • helpful, updated, practical information and tools for presenting your creative work more beautifully and professionally online
  • an international, growing community of women with support and new ideas for collaboration and networking
  • a powerful boost in finding your unique creative voice and help with getting your work out into the world!

AND for this one time only Berlin Edition, we'll learn from behind the scenes interviews with top artists, designers, writers, magazine editors, bloggers, and photographers - all based in Berlin.

As an exclusive bonus for this session, I'll send you a personal Berlin souvenir package - including a hand-written Berlin postcard sent directly from me to you - and you'll get a very cool Berlin Stickygram Instagram magnet too!

This special one time only Berlin Edition of Creative Courage will run from 
October 28th - December 6th, 2013. Six weeks of daily inspiration for only $99.

Register today to secure your spot.

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I hope you'll join me for 6 weeks of daily fun, color, interviews, and inspiration + an exclusive virtual trip to Berlin and a bonus Berlin souvenir package sent directly from me to you.

This unique session of Creative Courage in Berlin features 12 exclusive guest interviews with some of Berlin's top artists, designers, writers, bloggers, and photographers.

Our Berlin guests will include:

This talented group of international, creative women will share their secrets on how they have published books, built online businesses, created award-winning magazines, founded gourmet secret supper clubs, been featured for incredible press opportunities, and how they are now thriving as successful artists, writers, photographers, and designers. 

We'll explore artist studios, funky markets, insider locations, and I will bring the very best of Berlin to you!

Maybe there is a creative dream you've had since you were a child, and you would like to give it a try but don't know where to start.

Perhaps you have already realized many of your creative ideas, but there are still new challenges ahead and you could use some practical advice and support.

Regardless of where you are right now, Creative Courage is an online course to help you get to where you want to go!

Our Creative Courage topics this session will include:
  • learning how to earn more money with your art and creative skills
  • building an online presence to grow your career as an artist
  • making connections and finding press opportunities to spread the word about your work
  • creating artwork without inhibition and how to avoid getting stuck
  • building a network and finding positive support for your work 
  • improving your creative business by connecting and collaborating with others 
  • an expanded bibliography and new links for more resources and future learning 
  • + a special bonus for this unique one time Berlin Edition of Creative Courage!

You'll receive a personally handwritten Berlin postcard + Berlin Instagram Stickygram magnet as a fun souvenir package, an exclusive Creative Courage gift sent from me to you.

Come join me for this unique, one time only virtual Berlin art + adventure tour!

Does Creative Courage in Berlin sound like a celebratory, fun, creative, life enriching, community building opportunity for you?

Join us now and you'll:
  • enjoy 6 weeks of daily posts + crafty, fun Weekend Workshops
  • be inspired by 12 exclusive interviews with creative leaders based in Berlin
  • laugh with me in my all new Monday videos
  • explore colorful PDF exercises to download and keep forever 
  • make connections with an international, generous community of women from around the world
  • get a bonus Berlin souvenir package, including a personal, handwritten Berlin postcard and a Berlin Instagram Stickygram magnet sent from me to you (this session only)! 

Creative Courage in Berlin is a unique, inspirational gift for yourself, your friends, your sister, your mother, and your loved ones.

Invest in your creativity - you are worth it.

Register now to secure your spot for only $99. You'll get six weeks of daily inspiration from October 28th - December 6th, 2013.

To sign up, simply click on the "add to cart" button below, and you will be redirected to PayPal where you can complete your registration. 

If you are a returning student, enter the Discount Code welcomeback to receive an additional discount at check out.

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Spaces are limited and do fill quickly. My previous sessions of Creative Courage sold out, so I hope you'll jump in and treat yourself to this opportunity today.

Thank you, and I look forward to exploring Berlin and all its artsy wonderfulness with you!